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Underwater prehistoric archaeology

Tuesday 1st July: 16:00 - 18:00
2 hour session: 15-20 Minute Papers followed by discussion to conclude

Amanda Evans (Tesla Offshore, LLC)
Joseph Flatman (University College London, Institute of Archaeology)


Submerged landscapes and prehistoric habitation sites have been a focus of archaeological investigations for over thirty years. Due to their ephemeral nature, the majority of prehistoric underwater archaeological fieldwork consists of remote sensing, and sediment analyses of core samples. The investigation of local submerged landscapes on the various continental shelves is dependent upon accurate regional landscape reconstructions and available geologic data. This session will explore the changing methodology of submerged prehistoric site investigations over the last thirty years, specifically addressing proven techniques and highlighting new directions. The papers in this session represent a diverse geographic range and provide the opportunity to address the divide between local sites, regional geologies, and universal methodologies and data analyses leading to the identification of submerged prehistoric sites.